Our Fabric

We use an organic 100% cotton woven muslin fabric that is made exclusively for 'A Thousand & One Nets' in India and has been proven for more than 20 years to be an effective material for screening insects in addition to allowing ample ventilation. This is a fine, yet strong cotton fabric which is soft to touch, has a gauze appearance and is proven to last many years . There is a check pattern in the weave of the 100% cotton mosquito net fabric; it reinforces and provides additional strength to the material and allows for greater airflow.

mosquito net, cotton mosquito net, bed net, cotton mosquito net byron bay, insect protectionThe 100% cotton mosquito net fabric is available in white and an unbleached organic natural. The fabric does not tear due to the reinforcing threads and the repeat customers are a testament to the satisfaction that is experienced when sleeping under one of our mosquito nets. The additional cost for purchasing a natural fibre is well worth it as cheaper polyester and nylon nets easily tear and feel suffocating in the hotter months. 


mosquito net, cotton mosquito net, bed net, cotton mosquito net byron bay, insect protectionOur organic cotton mosquito net fabric is 205cm wide and is available by the metre and comes in 2 colour ways: white and natural. Check our ' textile collection' page for purchasing our fabric. No order is too small or too large and we are here to help with any questions you may have.  Our cotton netting is popular with the craft community for dyeing, felting and other creative projects and drapes beautifully for curtains, wedding decorations and installations.  The mosquito nets are washable and we recommend hand washing in cold or warm water or machine washing in a front loading machine only. The agitating action of a top loading machine can be problematic for the volume of fabric in one of our larger sized cotton mosquito nets so we suggest front loaders only. Drip drying on a clothes line is advised and tumble drying is not recommended . Shaking and airing the mosquito net can free any dust particles and reduce the need for washing. The individual preference and the environment where the mosquito net is hung has an affect on the washing or airing requirements. Those suffering from allergies such as asthma may want to shake and air (or wash) the net more frequently. In most cases, once a year , after the hotter months cease an annual wash is all that is required.

mosquito net, cotton mosquito net, bed net, cotton mosquito net byron bay, insect protectionOur mosquito nets are made with cotton ties at the top roof section for easy removal of the mosquito net when laundering is required. Our ties are reinforced and in addition create a beautiful draping effect . We prefer the tie system for function and the look as opposed to the sleeve system which requires the frame to be removed as well as the mosquito net. This makes the process of airing or washing your mosquito net much more involved. 

Contact us with any questions: 0400636516  info@1001nets.net