Turquoise 100% cotton mosquito net Box Style 100% cotton mosquito net Box Style 100% cotton mosquito net Hoop Style

Hi Genevieve
I just wanted to let you know that the mosquito netting you sent was perfect in every way, and thank you! Great job sewing, good quality product.

Dear Genevieve,
I would like to thank you for the fast delivery of the mosquito net. It arrived Thursday and we put it up that night. It looks just lovely, and it was a pleasure to sleep under. Both my husband and I are sleeping much better minus the mosquitoes.
Thank you again,

Hello Genevieve,
We got the net just fine thanks. I wish every retailer was as fast and efficient as you are. I'd buy everything from you.
Thanks again,

Thanks so much.
The net arrived very promptly - excellent service -and is now hanging and protecting me.
best wishes

Hi Genevieve
We would like to place another order.
We live in an open-door open plan small house in the humid wet tropics and we couldn't do without your nets - we have wonderful sleeps under them every night and many who visit us comment on their ability to make our "bedroom" private in such an open house, as well as their natural fibres, their beauty and practicality.
with kind regards

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