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We Donate Nets to Malaria affected communities

A Thousand & One Nets have been manufacturing mosquito nets for 10 years in Australia. In 2006, to mark our anniversary, we commenced an initiative involving the donation of mosquito nets. We wanted to make a contribution to the eradication of the malaria epidemic, that is responsible for more deaths than any other disease in the world today.

We have focussed our donations within the African continent, as we consider the people in these areas to be suffering the greatest disadvantage. Our primary aim is to distribute the mosquito nets directly to the communities, in order to avoid any additional costs such as freight or administration. For this reason, we have avoided the larger aid organisations. .

Happy Chidren in Africa after recieving mosquito nets donated my 1001 nets

We donate small amounts to individuals travelling to the malaria -affected regions. This is a very grassroots method of donation, however no funds are spent on administration or even freight, where possible. We have been approached by a steady flow of dedicated individuals who are donating their time and skills to help these communities.

Malaria is prevalent in the regions closer to the equator where mosquitoes thrive, and generally these areas are of a lower socio-economic standard. The malaria affected communities are often densely populated, which exacerbates the problem, as it places so many at risk. Mosquito nets can make a significant difference, by way of minimising the exposure to the infected mosquitoes.

Our contribution is small but continuous, and every individual or store that purchases a mosquito net from A Thousand & One Nets ,is also included in that contribution. We are not interested in financial donations , but would be interested to hear from any individuals or groups who aim to travel to Malaria affected regions to give assistance.

Email: info@1001nets.net
PO Box 905 Mullumbimby NSW 2482 Australia
Phone: +612 6684 3191